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JOBCAST is an approximately eight-minute program that features success stories of people learning new skills, overcoming destructive behavior, and/or finding employment, as well as job search tips, advice from career professionals, job descriptions, and opportunities within New Jersey’s workplace.

Each episode is aimed at helping individuals acquire the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and in life, and begins with a “Career in a Minute” which provides a short career profile and is followed by a “Journey to Success” or “Masterclass” segment.

Video archives of JOBCAST are available on-demand from the list below. The archives are rich with material to assist individuals in coping with negative feelings, confusion about a career path, personal life issues, computer-related questions and other topics. Although every episode may not be of specific interest to each and every participant, there is always useful information that can be applied to anyone in a job and career search.

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Episode Career in a Minute Journey to Success or Masterclass


Preparing for a Job Fair

Loan Officer

Name-Dropping: Using Referrals


Professional Organizations

Medicine & Health Service Managers

The Enchanted Self (Dr. Barbara Holstein)

Pharmacy Technicians

Computer Insight Learning Center (Jim McCarthy)

Respiratory Therapist

Your Personal Success Helps Everyone (Depot America)

Physician's Assistant

Using Computers

Emergency Medical Technicians

Transportation: NJT's Get A Job, Get a Ride Program (Jeremy Colangelo-Bryan)

Diesel Engine Mechanics

Using Computers

Sheet Metal Workers

Journey to Enchantment (Dr. Barbara Holstein)


Keys to Employment Success: Jerrit Jones (Depot America)

Dental Lab Technicians

Keys to Employment Success: Shannon Christensen (Depot America)

Medical Secretaries

Keys to Employment Success: Todd Wilkerson (Depot America)

Medical/Clinical Lab Technologists

Keys to Employment Success: Tony Vestal (Depot America)


Writing About Careers (Art Rosenberg)


Relieving Stress With Hellerwork (Nick Klevans)

Aircraft Mechanics

The Community Food Bank of NJ (Tige Leggett)

Precision Assemblers

Getting To Work (Jeremy Colangelo-Bryan)

Cabinet Makers/Bench Carpenters

Food For Life (Joyce Love)

Hazardous Materials and Waste Technician

Seniors at Work

Sports Coaches & Instructors

Poverty & Hunger: Food For Thought (Katherine DiChiara)