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JOBCAST is an approximately eight-minute program that features success stories of people learning new skills, overcoming destructive behavior, and/or finding employment, as well as job search tips, advice from career professionals, job descriptions, and opportunities within New Jersey’s workplace.

Each episode is aimed at helping individuals acquire the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and in life, and begins with a “Career in a Minute” which provides a short career profile and is followed by a “Journey to Success” or “Masterclass” segment.

Video archives of JOBCAST are available on-demand from the list below. The archives are rich with material to assist individuals in coping with negative feelings, confusion about a career path, personal life issues, computer-related questions and other topics. Although every episode may not be of specific interest to each and every participant, there is always useful information that can be applied to anyone in a job and career search.

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Episode Career in a Minute Journey to Success or Masterclass

Administrative Services Manager

Camden's Urban Women's Center (Geraldine Taylor)

Bookkeeping, Accounting & Audit Clerks

Success for Latasha Horne (Camden's Urban Women's Center)

General Office Clerk

Housing and Women's Services (Barbara Wanzer)

Paving, Surfacing & Tamping Operators

Rolanda's Career Path (Camden's Urban Women's Center)

Electrical & Electronic Assemblers

Rolanda Uses Her Resources (Camden's Urban Women's Center)

Dispatchers: Police, Fire & Ambulance

Rolanda Uses Her Resources (Camden's Urban Women's Center)

Machinery Maintenance Worker

One-Stop Success: Mark Cardona (Trenton Workforce NJ One-Stop Career Center)

Property & Real Estate Managers

One-Stop Success: Vercie Harvey (Trenton Workforce NJ One-Stop Career Center)

Insurance Sales Workers

Learning to Communicate (Tasha Scantling)

Insurance Adjusters & Examiners

Someone Who Cares, Who's On Your Side (Estina Baker)

Adult & Vocational Educational Teachers

Tasha On The Law Track (Newark Housing Authority)

Chemical Engineer

NJEDA - Money For Your New Business (Barbara Ramsey)

Biological, Agricultural & Food Technicians

Entrepreneurial Training Institute (Marion Zajac)

Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operator

Entrepreneurial Training Institute Part Two (Marion Zajac)


Entrepreneurial Training Institute Part Three (Marion Zajac)

Writers and Editors

Operation Fatherhood (Zuline Gray Wilkinson)

Interior Designers

Creating Art for a Living (ARTWORKS)

Dispatcher, except Police, Fire & Ambulance

Project A.C.C.E.S.S. (Ramonita Santiago, Delshonda Small, Martha Shivers)

Cooks, Fast Food

Operation Fatherhood (Marlene Devlin, Zuline Gray Wilkinson, Stacey Heading)

Automotive Body Repairers

Success For Kaizer Bemah (Operation Fatherhood)