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JOBCAST is an approximately eight-minute program that features success stories of people learning new skills, overcoming destructive behavior, and/or finding employment, as well as job search tips, advice from career professionals, job descriptions, and opportunities within New Jersey’s workplace.

Each episode is aimed at helping individuals acquire the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and in life, and begins with a “Career in a Minute” which provides a short career profile and is followed by a “Journey to Success” or “Masterclass” segment.

Video archives of JOBCAST are available on-demand from the list below. The archives are rich with material to assist individuals in coping with negative feelings, confusion about a career path, personal life issues, computer-related questions and other topics. Although every episode may not be of specific interest to each and every participant, there is always useful information that can be applied to anyone in a job and career search.

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Episode Career in a Minute Journey to Success or Masterclass

Amusement Recreation Attendants

Worklife Programs at Merrill Lynch (Bernadette Fusaro)

Shipping, Receiving & Traffic Clerks

Telecommuting: Changing the Way That You Work (Bernadette Fusaro)

Hand Packers

Telecommuting: Making It Work (Bernadette Fusaro)

Veterinary Assistants

AT&T's Mentoring and Fellowship Program


Women in Research at AT&T: Mary Fernandez

Machine Setters & Tenders

Women in Research at AT&T: Alicia Abella

Able Seamen or Deck Hands

Women in Research at AT&T: Janna Hamaker

Chemical Plant & System Operators

Women in Research at AT&T: Jennifer Rexford


LIVE: Transitional Training by Jeffery Dunn

Electrical & Electronic Engineers

Diane Israel: Gallery Owner

Stationary Engineers

Diane Israel: A Commitment to the Community

Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Careers in Nursing at Deborah: Annie Moody, RN

Heavy Truck Drivers

Careers in Nursing at Deborah: Dawn Hullings, RN

Industrial Truck Operators

Careers in Nursing at Deborah: Cynthia Nolan, RN

Log Handling Equipment Operators

Careers in Nursing at Deborah: Janine Goleniak, RN

Sewing Machine Operators

One-Stop Success: Orlando Vega


Accepting Changes (Orlando Vega)

Stone Masons

Human Resources Technology (Wayne Tarken)

Computer Engineers

One-Stop Success in Progress: Ricardo Holmes

Construction Laborers

Human Resources & The Internet (Wayne Tarken)